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The Australia Report originates from the Australia office of the Intercontinental Church of God.
Affiliated with the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association.


3 February 2012

Greeting brethren and friends once again,

Friday evening seems to whip around faster and faster these days. It may be that recently virtually every day has seemed the same because of the relentless cloud and rain. This summer may just be found looking back as the wettest summer in living memory. Certainly in places various records for rainfall in one hour, one day one week have been tested or broken.

Right now much of Queensland from Cairns to the NSW border and a very large section of northern NSW is flood bound, and that extends hundreds of miles inland from the coast. Scores of rivers are  flowing to the east and the sea, or on the western side of the Great Dividing Range, flowing towards the Darling River in far western NSW. In NSW alone about 10,000 are cut off.

For some this is the second flood they have endured in three months. So far I have heard of only one fatality - a vehicle driven into a flooded road at night with the driver swept away.

A wet summer was predicted as long ago as last August I recall when it was noticed that "la Nina" was gaining strength again. El Nino is usually dominant when drought hits Eastern Australia. The 12 year drought of the 90's and up to 2009/10 now seems a distant memory. But the summer is not over yet.

And we all remember the floods of the summer of 2011. Especially the flooding of Ipswich and large parts of Brisbane, Qld. In the January 2011.
An inquiry into the operation of the Wivenhoe dam, the major flood protection for Brisbane and environs, had been on the cusp of finalizing and releasing a report exonerating the dam operators of any negligence in the dam's operations prior to the flooding of Brisbane - that was until an investigative reporter published damning (no pun intended) articles several weeks ago. It seems the Brisbane flood of 2011 may have been entirely the product of gross negligence and failure to follow the correct operating manual for the dam - and then a cover up. Time will tell. But a damages bill in excess of $5 billion is a lot of negligence.

After the debacle of the Australia Day fiasco when a staffer of PM Gillard (now sacked) appears to have deliberately contrived to orchestrate a demonstration against Opposition Leader Tony Abbott based on a false story (see last weeks update) and with some commentators and inside operators openly suggesting the "plot"must have included more than the junior staffer and may have even involved Gillard (not beyond the bounds of possibility), we now read and hear increasingly that one Kevin Rudd, the former PM who Gillard cast out of office, is lining up the numbers for another tilt. Could he be worse than what we have, or could/would he be worse than what he was last time around? Or should we not just pray for an election to be called? Between the two of them they have taken the country from  $22 billion budget surplus 2007/8 to $50 billion plus deficits in 2008/9, 2009/10, 2010/11 and this year (2011/12) a proud $37 billion deficit. And a Federal debt of net $135 billion (could be as high as $250 billion depending how it’s calculated) from $45 billion in the bank in 2007.

The GTA telecast this past week was on Easter or the Passover. The offers were the booklet with that title and the GTA sermon “Christ Our Passover” on tape, CD and DVD. We have had 47 requests for materials this week with 18 of those new contacts.

This Sunday “The BIG Question” will be telecast.

There are two new weekly sermons from Tyler that will be posted to the list by Monday.

Fay Avery has been back in hospital the past two weeks. It’s possible Fay will return home with appropriate care arrangements in the next few days. I know Fay has hoped to reply to those who have sent her uplifting notes but given her situation may not have done so as yet.

Given the weather expected to carry right over the weekend it may be a wet Sabbath where you are. Nonetheless I hope you all have a very positive day and if you are near flood waters – be careful for your safety.


Murray Allatt

The Australia Report originates from the Australia office of the Intercontinental Church of God.
Affiliated with the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association.


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