A Tribute to Our Troops

Tributes in Word & Song
Welcome Home!!

Welcome Home main website    Dog Reunions

President Bush leads wounded warriors on 62-mile bike ride
Welcome Home Staff Sgt Mike Epperson

Soldiers coming home
Gary Sinise Foundation video
Send a Card or Letter to a Soldier - 01
Send a Card or Letter to a Soldier - 02
Send a Card or Letter to a Soldier - 03
Send a Card or Letter to a Soldier - 04
Send card, letter or package to a Soldier


 Budweiser Tribute
The Gratitude Campaign 
Remembrance Day 
Whitney Houston - National Anthem
Video version
The National Anthem As You Never Heard It  

Official Military Websites 
US Army
US Navy
US Marines
US Air Force
US Coast Guard

Joint Chief of Staff website

God Bless America - Kate Smith
God Bless America - Celine Dion 
I'm Proud to be An American - Lee Greenwood
   Video version
Lee Greenwood Mix

If I Die Before You Wake

Note to the Unknown Soldier - Five for Fighting

Soldier & Family Resources  ...more below
Stars and Stripes
Family and Children resources
Joining Forces - White House
Stores/Restaurants with Military discount

Family resources

Burial & Memorials Home
Disabled American Veterans

Bugles Across America - for funerals

Blinded veterans Association

Veterans Organizations  
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

Thank Our Troops 
Taylor Hicks - Do I Make You Proud
Theme from Patton
Ben Stein on who the Real Heroes are 
Heroes in the War on Terrorism 
Ford Tribute to the Troops 
Patton March - Jerry Goldsmith
Private Ryan - Hymn to the Fallen 
Mariah Carey "Hero" Mix
America, My Beautiful America
A Tribute to Our Soldiers 

Just a Common Soldier 
Tribute to Canadian Troops 
Eyes Right! - Canadian Troops & a Belgian boy
Arms of the Angel Fallen Hero's Tribute 
Gene Simmons Tribute to the Troops
80 Stars who served in the US military - Part 1
80 Stars who served in the US military - Part 2 

War Memorials - Cemeteries
Civil War Memorial

World War I Memorial
World War I Memorial - Wikipedia

World War II Memorial
World War II Memorial - Wikipedia

Korean War Memorial
Korean War Memorial - Wikipedia

Vietnam War Memorial
Vietnam Woman's Memorial
Vietnam War Memorial - Wikipedia

Iraq/Afghanistan War Heroes 

Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers
Arlington Cemetery
National Cemeteries
Memorial Day site
Memorial Day Tribute

Medal of Honor Recipients

Military Cemeteries in foreign lands - Photos

Tribute to the Air Force  
A Tribute to Our Vietnam Vets - 50,000 names 
Tribute to Vietnam Vets  - 50,000 names - version. 2

Thank you for your Service (A moment of Truth)

Vietnam Era Songs 
Our Sons and Daughters 

The Eagle Cried ~ Vietnam Veterans Tribute
Vietnam War Memorial
The Wall of Faces
Vietnam War Facts
  Subject cropped from File photo/The Cannoneer/Fort Sill Public Affairs
President Bush Ground Zero Bullhorn Speech
John Wayne - The Pledge of Allegiance
John Wayne - America, Why I Love Her  Video
Red Skelton - The Pledge of Allegiance
John Wayne - America the Good

National Anthem by Joe Everson

Harry Morgan toast to his old buddies. Scripted?? Words were real (MASH)

Military Photos/Videos 

Top Ten Navy Photos 2013
Marine Photos 2013

Air Force Videos
Military Cemeteries in foreign lands - Photos

World War II Posters
65th Anniversary of D-Day on Normandy Beaches

War birds and Air shows 
Military Photos.net

Military Channel ...videos
U.S. Military power 2013 ...video
Marine commercials 2 3 4


Why Angie Loves the USA
Waiting for Our Soldiers To Come Home
"Taking Chance" movie trailer 
Story of Taps - John Wayne  
Veteran Tribute 

Support our Troops
Support the Troops - send cards/packages
Operation Shoebox  ...support, snacks and personal care item to troops
Troops Direct ...supporting frontline troops
Operation Gratitude ...care packages to troops

Remember Me!
Remembering the Fallen - Kaziah Hancock's Work 

 Oliver North Describes Today's Soldier
Freedom Never Cries 
Tribute Song - 10,000 Miles Away

He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother - The Hollies
Hero's Resting Place 

Brothers in the Night ~ Ray Kennedy
Remember our Troops at Thanksgiving
Write a Letter to a U.S. Military Hero

National Purple Heart Hall of Honor 

Posters from World War II 

The Greatest Play in Baseball
  Related Links
The American Legion
USO Tour Schedule

National Museum of the Marine Corps
National Museum of the US Army
National Museum of the US Air Force
National Museum of the US Navy 
National Museum of the US Coast Guard
Dragonman's Military Museum - Colorado Springs, CO

File:US Coast Guard cutter.jpg    
US Army - West Point, New York
US Navy - Annapolis, Maryland
US Air Force - Colorado Springs, Colorado

US Coast Guard - New London, Connecticut
US Merchant Marines - Kings Point, New York
Uniformed Services Health Sciences - Bethesda, MD

Virginia Military Institute - Lexington, Virginia
The Citadel - Charleston, South Carolina


Chris Kyle
  Chris Kyle Tribute

Sniper Chris Kyle Interview

American Sniper Movie Extended Trailer

Chris Kyle on Bill O'Reilly
Taya Kyle & Bradley Cooper on TODAY show

Chris Kyle Wikipedia
Chris Kyle's Procession through Georgetown, TX video
Glenn Beck's ReCap of Chris Kyle's Funeral video
Chris Kyle's Memorial at Cowboys Stadium (Full) video
A Texas Good-Bye by James Teasdale
  Hardware ...more here
SR-71 Blackbird - Wikipedia
SR-71 Video
F-22 Raptor video
F-35 Lightning II
USS Zumwalt

The Simon Door Breacher
Military Hardware
1 US aircraft carrier air force more powerful than 70% of all nations
Boeing's New Apache Helicopter

  Army Hymn

Marine Hymn

Air Force Hymn

Navy Hymn

Coast Guard Hymn

  Job-Hunting Resources
Job Applications.com ...find military jobs quickly
Military Employment Opportunities
Occupational Outlook Handbook - Military Careers

US Army - Careers & Jobs

Jobs for Veterans
Army Civilian Service

Military Job & Resume site for Veterans
Veterans' Guide to Getting Hired 
Eternal Peace on the USS Arizona
Portrait of a Warrior Memorial Art Gallery 

Angel Flight
-Radney Foster
Larry Eckhardt 'The Flagman'
Love Story of an Injured Vet

Dying Soldier Sings "Tell My Father" with His Son
Food City-Salute to the Troops
  Military Power Links
Global Firepower
Military - Wikipedia
Iran-Israel Military Comparison
US Military Branch Comparison
Military Expenditures by country

GI Joe & Lillie by the Oak Ridge Boys
Dave's Highway - Erika, Delaney & Zachary - National Anthem
Tribute to the 19 marines killed on Makin Island WW2
Vietnam Veterans Memorial War Stories
Texas Funeral - A special tribute to a fallen soldier

Dog Won't Leave Fallen Navy Seals Soldier's Side

Veterans on motorcycles protect fallen soldier's funeral

Tribute to the Fallen - Guns from Arizona and Missouri
Wall for Soldiers Fallen in the Middle East
White House Dinner for Vietnam POWs - 1973

John Wayne "Taps" An American Tribute to Veterans
Delta Airlines Honor Guard

  Resources for Returning Veterans
Fisher House Foundation
Samhsa - substance abuse and mental health services
National Association for Senior Veterans
National Military Family Association
Disabled American Veterans [DAV]
Returning Veterans Project
VA Home Loan Centers
The Military Wallet

Hidden Heroes - military caregivers

College Resources for Military Veterans
Statfuse-your chances of getting into college
The Recovery Village ...personalized addiction treatment  
Financial Aid for Veterans for continued education
Small Business and Entrepreneurship Resources for Veterans 
VA Disability Calculator 
Rear Admiral Lee on Restrictive Regulations on Religious Liberty
Oliver North - US Troops Speech
SGT Raymond Hubbard Memorial Day Speech
Patton speech from the movie, "Patton"  video version
Winston Churchill "finest hour" speech
Gettysburg Address from the movie 'Saving Lincoln'
President Reagan's "We Must Fight" speech
Colonel Tim Collins Inspirational Motivational Speech
Ronald Reagan - A Soldiers Pledge
If You Want to Change the World, by William McRaven, US Navy Admiral
  Resources for Returning Veterans
Wounded Warrior Project
Families of Military Casualties
Army Emergency Relief
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
Air Force Aid Society
Coast Guard Mutual Assistance
Independence Fund
Got your 6 Organization

Higher Education Resources for Vets & Families
Student Financial Aid Guide for Veterans
  More Tribute Songs
G. I. Joe & Lillie by the Oak Ridge Boys
Soldier I Thank You
I'm proud to be an American
Far Away - Nickleback
If I Die Tomorrow

When I'm Gone - Three Door Down
Here Without You
When you come home (Military Wife Song)
Son of a Soldier - Hollett

I Cry - Thomas J. Devine

A Soldier's Prayer - Colin Raye

Guinness Commercial: Empty Chair
Here's to the Heroes
Marine's Final Salute 
A Soldier's Pledge 
Amazing Grace - Fallen heroes 

Marine Corp Silent Drill Platoon 
Thank You Veterans
National Resources Directory
US Department of Defense
US Army History
US Navy History
US Marine History
US Air Force History
Coast Guard History
History of Taps
 Flag Code
Witness To War ...conversations with soldiers

Honor Flights Network

Great Military Battles

  Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers
The Story of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers 

Tomb Guards Reprimanding Visitors

Tomb Guard yelling at laughing crowd
Guards on duty despite Hurricane Irene
Changing of the Guard

A Sentinel's Last Walk
The Unknowns

File:Tomb of the Unknowns.jpg
Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers - USA
  More Tribute Songs
3 Doors Down When I'm Gone
When You Come Home  
I'm Already There  Version Two  
Rylee Preston "Soldier's Light
Jordan Leigh "Soldier I Thank You
 Rascal Flatts "I Won't Let Go"
15 Years - I Miss You Daddy
Budweiser Tribute to the Fallen of 9/11

Budweiser - A Hero's Welcome - Super bowl 2014
Trace Adkins Tribute to Our Fallen Heros
Trace Adkins - Semper Fi
The Wall Song [Vietnam]
Vietnam Vets never expected this
For a Soldier Died Today
Hallelujah Veterans Version

All Hardware: Military Factory.com
Aircraft: A-10 Thunderbolt II
Aircraft: AC-130 Whiskey gunship
Artillery:  Archer
Helicopter: AH-1Z Cobra
Jet: F/A Super Hornet
Machine gun: XM307
Metal Storm: Metal Storm Weapons

Mortar: Dragon Fire II
Naval Gun: MK 100
Naval Gun: AK-130
Rifle: XM25
Shotguns: AA12  2nd Video
Shoulder-mounted: The Matador
Shoulder-mounted: The Javelin
Tank: M1 Abrams
What is in a Carrier Air Wing?
  Medal of Honor
3,495 total recipients - 79 living - 19 Double Recipients
Medial of Honor - Army Center of Military History
Medal of Honor Hero Portraits
Congressional Medal of Honor Society
Roy P. Benavidez - Staff Sergeant, US Army - Vietnam
38 most decorated servicemen in American history
  Health Resources
Mesothelioma Veterans
Mesothelioma Help

Wounded Warrior Project
Samhsa - substance abuse and mental health services
Disabled American Veterans
Blinded veterans Association
Asbestos Exposure and Veterans  

How Does Mental Health Affect Your Sleep?

Norman Schwarzkopf interview Barbara Walters  Part 2
Norman Schwarzkopf Gulf War Briefing
The General George S. Patton Story
The General Marshall Story
The Douglas MacArthur Story

  Health Resources
The Checkup -help with PTSD 
Lung Cancer in the Military

Addiction Group - alcohol, drugs, rehab, treatment
Mattress Clarity - helping veterans with sleep disorders

  Memorial Day Photo Album

The Meaning of Memorial Day - Vietnam Veteran's Tribute

Tribute and Funeral of Loyce Edward Deen WWII

The Gunny Tribute: Remembering R. Lee Ermey
Video One    Video Two 
  General Resources
Resources for Veterans and Their Loved Ones...lots of links
Association of the US Army...support for the soldier
Association of the United States Navy
Association of the Marine Corps
Air Force Association
Coast Guard Foundation
Military Resources - Military.com
  General Tributes
President Trump delivers remarks at
Armed Forces Full Honors Review - 25 July 2019

Animals in War Memorial Fund
Just a Common Soldier with Tony Lo Bianco
For the Saluting Marine
A Thank You to Gary Sinise
"Danger Zone" ABE's on USS Ronald Reagan
Delta Baggage Handlers - Soldier
  General Resources
The Essential Guide to Car Emergency Kits
Returning from the War Zone...a guide for military personnel
A Guide to Female Soldier Readiness

Wins for Warriors Foundation
What to have in your car in case of disaster
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Financial Help for Single Mothers 
Financial Resources and Discounts for Military Families


General Tributes
Injured Marine Surprises Lt. Dan --ESPN

Vietnam POW 40th Reunion News Coverage
Jay Surprises a Veteran - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno - Big Surprise For Disabled Veteran
17 Emotional photos to melt your heart
  Higher Education for Military and Veterans
Trident University






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