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QUESTION:  Why are the Jews so persecuted?  Why were so many killed in the holocaust?  Are they under a curse because they killed Jesus?




The following is quoted by Garner Ted Armstrong.


People who are curious about why the Jews are persecuted should be directed to their history books and encyclopedias.


It is obvious that much persecution comes from their rejection of Christ, but the primary motivation behind persecution in many countries is the Jewish penchant for making money, getting ahead, etc. This was particularly true in pre-World War II Germany.  Hitler's diatribes were hardly based on their rejection of Christ -- rather, they had become the wealthiest class; shop owners, importers, bankers, jewelry sellers, rug dealers, --- businessmen of every kind.
---end of quote from Mr. Armstrong---


I found this on the Internet:

How Did Christian Anti-Semitism Develop?
Christian anti-Semitism did not begin until long after the death of Jesus. It was not until several hundred years later that the Church fathers decided that Jews as a group should be persecuted because they "killed Jesus."

Bernard Blumenkranz, author of "Jews and Christians in the Western World", is one of the authorities who documents that the intense and ongoing Christian persecution of the Jews did not truly begin until the advent of the Crusades – over 1,000 years after Jesus’ death!

If the killing of Jesus is the true cause of Christian rage, why did it take so many centuries after the event for Christians to get really angry? Furthermore, once Christian hatred for Jews got under way, it became worse with the passage of time. Logically, time should have eased the strong feelings, as is the case in so many other situations.


Here are some other interesting sites with history on this situation:


Added note:  The Jews were not the only ones killed in World War II.  Notice:


World War II Casualties 

                                 Country                         Military                Civilian                Total

                                 Soviet Union                   13,600,000             7,700,000               21,300,000

                                 China                             1,324,000               10,000,000             11,324,000

                                 Germany                         3,250,000               3,810,000               7,060,000

                                 Poland                               850,000               6,000,000               6,850,000

                                 Japan                             1,506,000               300,000                 1,806,000

                                 Yugoslavia                     300,000                 1,400,000               1,700,000

                                 Rumania*                       520,000                 465,000                 985,000

                                 France*                          340,000                 470,000                 810,000

                                 Hungary*                                                                                   750,000

                                 Austria                          380,000                 145,000                  525,000

                                 Greece*                                                                                    520,000

                                 Italy                              330,000                 80,000                   410,000

                                 Czechoslovakia                                                                         400,000

                                 Great Britain                    326,000                 62,000                388,000

                                 USA                              295,000                                              295,000

                                 Holland                          14,000                   236,000                250,000

                                 Belgium                          10,000                   75,000                    85,000

                                 Finland                          79,000                                                   79,000

                                 Canada                          39,000                                                  39,000

                                 India                              36,000                   ***                          36,000

                                 Australia                        29,000                                                   29,000

                                 Spain**                         12,000                   10,000                    22,000

                                 Bulgaria                         19,000                   2,000                      21,000

                                 New Zealand                   12,000                                                12,000

                                 South Africa                   9,000                                                     9,000

                                 Norway                          5,000                                                     5,000

                                 Denmark                         4,000                                                    4,000



            Total: c 57 million


 The table above has been compiled from two sources:- 
1. Alan Bullock - Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives pp 987 
2. The Times Atlas of the Second World War pp 204-205 The highest estimate for each country was selected during compilation.
 *The figures for these countries were very different in the two sources 
** The military deaths for Spain, a neutral country during the war, are attributed to volunteers in the Axis (4500) and Allied (7500) armies. According to source 2, above, 10,000 Spaniards died in concentration camps. These figures may be very inaccurate and may be reviewed later.


*** This table does not take into account the 3 million Indians who died due to famine in 1943.


There is nothing to indicate a singling out of the Jews for death or persecution in World history.


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