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The Letter Answering Department Survey Series

In this series, we will survey hundreds of our answers to Bible questions from our Letter Answering Department.  Once we answer a specific Bible question we keep the answer on file for the next time the question is answered.  This series will survey these many letters and their subjects.  Pages are arranged alphabetically by subject.

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Garden of Eden

The two trees in the Garden of Eden

text MP3
Gelatin Gelatin Jell-o and other gelatin products unclean? text MP3
Genesis questions Angels:  did they procreate with human women? text MP3
Genesis questions Eden, trees of explained. text MP3
Genesis questions Fire  ...was there fire before the flood? text MP3
Genesis Questions Flood did the dove get olive branch?  Was flood local or worldwide? text MP3
Genesis questions Garden of Eden ...why would God put the garden in Satan's world? text MP3
Genesis questions Genesis 6:9 the verse about race? text MP3
Genesis Questions Genesis 28:10-22  ...what is the message of Jacob's ladder?     text MP3
Genesis questions Genesis chapters 1 and 2 ...when was man created?  Is there a contradiction between chapters one and two? text MP3
Gentiles Is Salvation offered to the Gentiles? text MP3
Gentiles Romans 2 ...are the Gentiles to perish? text MP3
God Closeness to God text MP3
God Could God die if He wanted to?  Can angels die? text MP3

Elisha and the she bears this incident showing that God is cruel? 


God God   ...How could God have existed forever? text MP3
God God ...How do we have a relationship with God?  text MP3
God God does one get closer to God? text MP3
God God ...what proofs are there that God exists? text MP3
God God and Christ ...are their secular proofs? text MP3
God God, One God ...what does Deuteronomy 6:4 say? text MP3
God The Wrath of God  ...what is it? text MP3

Voice of God ...has man ever heard the voice of God?   




Ham & Noah Ham and Noah   ...what took place between Ham and Noah? text MP3
Harmony of the Gospels Harmony of the Gospels   ...which one do you recommend? text MP3
Harry Potter Harry Potter Books   ...does your church recommend these books to children? text MP3
Hate Hate  ...what is the definition of "hate" in Luke 14:26? text MP3
Healing Anointed Cloths...what is their purpose?                                                                         text MP3
Healing Blood Transfusions and Organ Transplants    ...what does the church say?     text MP3
Health Health   ...What are the 7 steps to health and happiness text MP3
Health Health-Doctors-Inoculations   ...What does the church say? text MP3
Heaven John 3:13 ...does man go to heaven when he dies? text MP3
Heaven Enoch ...where is Enoch?  Is Enoch in heaven? text MP3
Heaven Heaven ...are there people there? text MP3
Heaven Heaven ...the three explained text MP3
Heaven Heaven ...who are the souls under the altar? text MP3
Heaven Lazarus and the Rich Man ...does man go to heaven when he dies? text MP3
Heaven The Transfiguration   ...was it a vision or are Moses and Elijah in heaven? text MP3
Heaven The Transfiguration: Moses, Elijah and Jesus  ...does this prove we go to heaven? text MP3
Heaven/Hell 1 Thessalonians 4 & 2 Corinthians 12 they not show that man goes to heaven? text MP3
Heaven/Hell 2 Corinthians 5:8 ..."absent from the body, present with the Lord"  text MP3
Heaven/Hell Heaven and the Thief who died with Jesus ...did he go to heaven that day? text MP3
Heaven/Hell Revelation 14:11 ...meaning of the phrase, "Forever and ever."  Is there an ever-burning hell? text MP3
Hebrews, book of Hebrews ...who was the author text MP3
History Dinosaurs and Cave Men                                                                     text MP3
Hoeh, Herman Herman Hoeh   ...where can I find, "The Origin of the Races"? text MP3
Holy Days Atonement - Who or what is the scapegoat? text MP3
Holy Days Days of Unleavened Bread and Deuteronomy 16:8 it six days or seven? text MP3
Holy Days Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread explanation text MP3
Holy Spirit Acts 13:2 the Holy Spirit a person in this verse? text MP3
Holy Spirit Holy Spirit   ...does the Bible portray the Holy Spirit with personality? text MP3
Holy Spirit Holy Spirit ...what is the difference between "Ghost" and "Spirit" text MP3
Homosexuality Homosexuality   ...what does the Bible Say text MP3
Hypnosis Hypnosis  ...Should a true Christian engage in any form of Hypnosis? text MP3


Israel 12 Tribes of Israel ...where are they today? text MP3
Israel Spiritual Israel ...who is spiritual Israel? text MP3
Israel Tribes of Dan and Ephraim ...why are they not mentioned in the 144,000 of Revelation? text MP3
Israel Who are God's chosen people? text MP3


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