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Springfield, Missouri


The origin of the name Springfield remains unclear. Writing in 1883 the historian R. I. Holcombe states, "The town took its name from the circumstance of there being a spring under the hill, on the creek, while on top of the hill, where the principal portion of the town lay, there was a field." He goes on to note, "This version of the origin of the name is disputed by the editor of the Springfield Express, Mr. J. G. Newbill, who, in the issue of his paper, November 11, 1881, says: 'It has been stated that this city got its name from the fact of a spring and field being near by just west of town. But such is not a correct version. When the authorized persons met and adopted the title of the "Future Great" of the Southwest, several of the earliest settlers had handed in their favorite names, among whom was Kindred Rose, who presented the winning name, "Springfield," in honor of his former home town, Springfield, Robertson county, Tennessee.'" [10]


The most common view is that the city was named for Springfield, Massachusetts. One story is a man from the city, James Wilson, offered everyone free whiskey who would vote for naming it after his home town of Springfield, Massachusetts.[1]



Springfield has the nickname of "The Queen City of the Ozarks."


Springfield is also known as "The Cultural Center of the Ozarks."


Springfield was once known as Moon City.


It is also known as "The Birthplace of Route 66," due to its early connection with the designation of U.S. Route 66. A plaque in Park Central Square was dedicated to the city by the Route 66 Association of Missouri for just that.

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